The Value of Green

We offer a real value in our cleaning services. Any cleaning service that does the job right should be putting more time back into your life. The added value of Summerville Maids is that We Clean With Care.

We use eco friendly cleaning products in all of our residential services. It is our way of committing to Sustainability. We want to help keep families and their communities healthy and happy.

Not only do we use green seal approved cleaning products that are safe for families with pets, kids, as well as those with allergies and even asthma. Our HEPA multi-filtration vacuums and commercial grade micro-fiber cloths and mops get micro-allergens and dust out of your home and do so safely.

We go as far as using sustainable practices in recycling in our corporate office. Our primary cleaning supplies are sourced from companies that share in our vision. This helps for a higher quality that is placed on our products because of this relationship.

At Summerville Maids we believe that if it isn’t affordable then it does not keep in line with being Sustainable. That’s why we don’t charge more for our green services. We have implemented this in to our standard operating procedure and it is a daily routine for us to use our eco-friendly products. It isn’t a specialty service with a specialty fee tacked on.

It is how we clean with care.

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Reguest a free estimate today. Someone will be to your home within 24 hours, most time the same day.

What Our Clients Say

You did a great job. It is so nice having Summerville Maids clean the house. I LOVE coming home to a clean house and having more free time to do what I want to do. You always do a great job, thanks.

~ Nancy M.

I just wanted you to know that my wife gives Summerville Maids top rating. Keep up the good work.

~ Charles S.

Both Dr. Quantz and I highly recommend Summerville Maids. They were very thorough, polite and environmentally conscientious.

~ Lillian Quantz

Thank you for everything you and your company did to make the Masters a memorable event. You and your team outdid yourselves. I look forward to working with you next year.

~ Allison Holbrook, Colorado Boxed Beef Company

Thank you for last month. You make me feel very special. Thank you ladies. Have a wonderful Holiday.

~ Nan

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