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Summerville Maids takes a thorough quality driven approach to each cleaning that we do. Our regular cleaning service items are listed below. We also provide special services for 1st Time Cleanings, Homes For Sale, Move in/ Move out and for special occasions.

General services are scheduled weekly, bi weekly and monthly.

Regular cleaning services include:

All rooms:
  • General dusting
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Window sills
  • Cleaning blinds and window sills
  • Dusting ceiling fans and reachable light fixtures
  • Vacuuming furniture (living room)
  • Vacuuming carpeted flooring
  • Damp mopping hardwood/tile
  • Baseboards hand wiped
  • Furniture dusted/wiped
  • Vacuuming under furniture (where lifting is not required)
  • Glass doors (standard for one room)
  • Empty trash
  • Cobwebs and loose dirt removed
  • Counter tops & backsplashes washed
  • Clean and sanitize all sinks and faucets
  • Clean outside of all appliances
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Range/drip pans degreased and cleaned
  • Wipe down cabinet exteriors
  • Dust the top of refrigerator
  • Doors and door frames spot cleaned
  • Clean table and chairs
  • Dust baseboards
  • Clean floors
  • Clean and sanitize counters and sinks
  • Shine mirrors and fixtures
  • Bathtub cleaned
  • Shower enclosures and shower tiles scrubbed
  • Clean and sanitize toilets
  • Dust reachable fixtures
  • Wastebaskets emptied
  • Dust baseboards
  • Wipe down cabinet exteriors
  • Spot clean walls
  • Wash floors

Deluxe 1st Time Cleanings:

Everything involved in a regular clean, plus . . .

  • Ceiling fan blades hand washed or wiped
  • Light fixtures are hand washed in place (not removed)
  • Blinds are hand washed (blinds must be sturdy enough to withstand being wiped clean by hand)
  • Moldings, woodwork, window sills & locked edges hand washed or wiped
  • All doors are hand washed
  • Baseboards hand washed or wiped (as long as reachable without moving furniture)
  • Pictures and knick-knacks hand wiped
  • Living room furniture dusted, vacuumed and wiped (fronts, sides & legs)
  • Top of refrigerator hand washed or wiped (for empty houses we clean where the appliances stood)
  • Front of all cabinets washed down
  • Light switch plates washed
  • All build up removed from tubs and showers (as much a possible)
  • Stairs cleaned
  • Closet shelves wiped down
  • Floors cleaned (if empty)

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Reguest a free estimate today. Someone will be to your home within 24 hours, most time the same day.

What Our Clients Say

You did a great job. It is so nice having Summerville Maids clean the house. I LOVE coming home to a clean house and having more free time to do what I want to do. You always do a great job, thanks.

~ Nancy M.

I just wanted you to know that my wife gives Summerville Maids top rating. Keep up the good work.

~ Charles S.

Both Dr. Quantz and I highly recommend Summerville Maids. They were very thorough, polite and environmentally conscientious.

~ Lillian Quantz

Thank you for everything you and your company did to make the Masters a memorable event. You and your team outdid yourselves. I look forward to working with you next year.

~ Allison Holbrook, Colorado Boxed Beef Company

Thank you for last month. You make me feel very special. Thank you ladies. Have a wonderful Holiday.

~ Nan

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